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Jason Meyer - Co Founder

My mission in life is to unlock my greatest potential. Being a husband, father of 3 and business owner i'm perfectly  positioned to practice this!


Essential Wisdom For Dads - MASTERCLASS

Ever wondered if it's possible to be an amazing Dad while maintaining your relationships, career, passions and friendships? Register NOW for our last Masterclass in 2020!


Chris Hanlon - Co Founder

Passionate husband, loving father and loyal friend. Click below to learn more about Chris and his inspiration for empowering dad's across the globe.


Essential Wisdom for Dad's

Becoming a Dad for the first time? Or maybe you have 3 already and life has become a bit of a grind...

Being a dad is one of the most rewarding, joy filled and exciting roles you can have in a life time. It can also be extremely challenging, confusing and potentially lonely.

This course was born out of a need to support and inspire Dad's as they strive to be their families super hero. Through out this course men learn how to challenge their unconscious beliefs, the importance of self care and how to create a loving, safe and supportive environment for their kids.

Responsibility &       Opportunity

A wise Dad teaches his children HOW to think, instead of WHAT to think. In order to do this one must become aware of the unconscious nature of our own conditioning and beliefs. You can not escape a prison if you don't know you are in one and most people are trapped living out programs they inherited before they can even remember.

We ALL have the opportunity to grow beyond these limitations as well as a responsibility to show our children how to do the same.


Are you the best DAD you can be?

Parenting is a life long journey. Invest in yourself and join a community of men dedicated to sharing wisdom and tools that will change your family legacy.


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